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Holy Spirit Northside Hospital

Holy Spirit Northside

Level 1, Arnold Janssen Building (green lift)

627 Rode Rd, Chermside


Our administration rooms are located at Holy Spirit Northside Hospital in Chermside. All of our doctors consult and operate out of Holy Spirit Northside. All appointments and payments are made through these rooms. 

Our rooms can be contacted on 3861 4866.


Below is a detailed description of how to find us

For a Consultation:

Please bear in mind- Our rooms are approximately five minutes walk from the Carpark

- Enter the hospital grounds from Rode Rd. You will see signage for both the Prince Charles Hospital and the Holy Spirit Northside.

- Follow the Carpark signs up the hill to the multi storey carpark.

-There are three levels of parking available, including disabled.

- Upon exiting the carpark follow the signs through to Holy Spirit Northside Hospital via the marked pathway. (The Prince Charles Hospital and Brisbane North Emergency Centre will be on your left)

- When you enter Holy Spirit Northside you will be on level two. Follow the corridor until you reach a T junction (there will be a directory board on the wall)

- Turn right at the T junction which will take you past ICU and into the Arnold Janssen building.

- There will be a  lift on your right outside the Day Oncology Unit (green lift)

- Take the lift DOWN to Level one.

- As the lift door opens, you will find Digestive Diseases Queensland opposite the lift doors.

If you are being dropped off at the main hospital entrance:

- Hospital reception will be on your left as you enter the hospital

- Walking past the main admission desk and turn to your left to find the green lift.

-Take the lift to the first floor.

- As the lift door opens, you will find Digestive Diseases Queensland opposite the lift doors.

If you are having a  Procedure:

The endoscopy unit is about 10 metres down that corridor from our rooms. Please follow the same directions above.


Alternative Transport:

If you are coming by taxi the best drop off zone would be the main entrance. There are free courtesy phones for the taxi companies at the main entrance.

There are multiple buses that pass the hospital on Rode Rd and on Hilltop Avenue.